“My fur baby Chuck is a boisterous, energetic, and strong 90 lb puppy so when I was pregnant and my husband away for work, it became clear I would need some help giving him the exercise he needs on a daily basis. I was lucky enough to find Tonia from One Leg Up.

“Not only did Chuck love his walks with her, but it also soon became clear how much she cared for him. It was always a special treat to see cute photos of Chuck she posted on Instagram. She also took the extra care and time to give me an update on Chuck on a few occasions when he had some minor health concerns. It was such a relief to know someone would be checking on him while I was away at work.

Thank you, Tonia!” – Amanda & Chuck

“If anyone is looking for a dog walker, Tonia has been walking my dog Bruiser for the past 2 years. She is always on time and very reliable. She is very easy going and is very good with him. Bruiser is always soooo happy to see her, so I assume he enjoys his walks with her. Rain or shine, she is always there!

She is the best dog walker ever!!!”– Claudia & Bruiser

“I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your great services. I can see I stumbled onto more than I had hoped for hiring you to walk my dog, Jersey Girl. I can see the bond that has developed between the 2 of you.

We are all pleased at your timely and very efficient schedule, but more so with the care and concerns you have with Jersey.

Jersey started as a pet, and has become the most loved family member. It took a long time to get another dog since Susie Q, our 1st dog, passed away years ago. There was always the thought of the poor animal being locked up during the day while we were out working. Meeting you has taken all those concerns completely away, and ends up Jersey has a social life as well, with meeting her friends at the dog park daily.

We just wanted to say thanks.”– Andreas & Jersey

“One Leg Up has provided invaluable cat sitting services for us. Tonia is an excellent care giver and we have peace of mind while away from home knowing that she is looking after our 3 kitties. Tonia is always professional and genuinely cares about the animals in her care, from medical needs to their comfort and happiness. We feel very lucky to have found her and will continue to use her services.”– Amanda & Chris

“Tonia has been walking Lolo for over a year now and I am absolutely nothing but satisfied with Tonia’s services. She is above and beyond everything I expected from a dog walker.

After meeting Tonia for our initial interview I was very pleased about how thorough she was with the interview and gathering information about Lolo. She asked many questions about our needs and allowed me to ask questions about her services. By the time we were finished with the interview, she had a complete understanding about Lolo’s needs and personality. From the very beginning, Tonia was approachable, informed, professional, and great with Lolo.

She has been walking Lolo since he was just a few months old… and he was NOT an easy puppy. But Tonia was patient and VERY dedicated. Tonia is kind, firm and consistent which is exactly what Lolo needed. Tonia was always kind enough to keep the lines of communication open for me and by working together we were able to resolve the issues that come with a puppy who is learning to be a good dog. Lolo can still be a bit of a pain in the butt LOL and Tonia is still so great with him. She also had to walk him during his recovery time after being neutered which required special care and attention. It was so comforting, to me, knowing that Lolo was in good hands.

Tonia is very accommodating and flexible which is important to me because I have somewhat of a crazy schedule. She is so responsible and reliable. I know I can fully trust her and count on her. I have had a couple of not so great experiences with other dog walkers… so I feel VERY lucky to have found Tonia. And yes, Lolo loves her too 🙂

Whether it’s your first time hiring a dog walker or looking for a new walker… Lolo and I highly recommend Tonia!”– Agi & Lolo

“My 2 dachshunds are an important part of my family. So when I started a new job downtown I was worried about leaving them alone all day, every day. I tried it for a while but as time went on, the dogs started to lose their spark and I started to feel more and more guilty. I had heard about One Leg Up and decided it was time to contact them.

I’m so glad I did. I’ve noticed a big change in Stella and Kate’s behaviour since hiring Tonia. Not only is she great with the dogs, but she’s very professional, reliable and down to earth. I live a hectic life and it’s nice to know I can count on her to walk my dogs (or let them out for a pee break) when I can’t.

I would recommend her to anyone.” – Jenny, Stella & Kate

“You are too lazy to walk your own dog?” – my friends would ask. It’s not that I was too lazy – I even still go for a nightly walk with my puppy I love dearly – it was more guilt -10-15 minutes a day during my lunch hour was just not cutting it. My puppy needed more exercise and stimulation throughout the day – otherwise she got destructive becoming a danger to herself and my house.

Then I found Tonia at One Leg Up. Now my puppy goes every day (Monday-Friday) to the dog park for 45 minutes (much more time than I could ever give during a busy work week!).

She gets to play with other dogs and run around until her little heart is all tuckered out. What a change!! – my puppy comes home happy and best of all TIRED. She now sleeps the entire afternoon allowing me to focus on work and not worrying about what she might be destroying out of boredom. So trust me when I say…you are not lazy…you are not just getting a dog walker…With One leg up you are getting your dog socialized, healthy, playful and most important a new best friend.

My dog now sits at the window waiting for her best friend Tonia of One leg up to show up. Tonia is always on time; rain, shine or nasty snow. Tonia has such a love for dogs you can tell right away….and even if you couldn’t tell – within a week your dog will tell you! If you are thinking about a dog walker stop now and sign up with Tonia – I promise you won’t regret it.” – Andrea & Thirteen

“Tonia has been an invaluable help as we brought a new puppy into our home in 2013. My frequent international travel posed a challenge and Tonia’s reliable potty break and dog walking services have helped us give our dog consistency and care. Tonia is superbly professional – from the detailed familiarization process and information gathering to confirmations and welcome flexibility.

Her passion for animals is instantly palpable. I feel lucky to have found Tonia and look forward to working with her for a long time to come.” – Paula & Shea

“One Leg Up is a very reliable and professional dog walking service. Tonia is very knowledgable about dogs and takes great care to ensure that they are well exercised and well treated. She has been flexible and understanding when schedules change at the last minute and has always been able to accommodate. Lemon (our golden retriever) has always been a bit of an “independent thinker” and is a challenging dog to walk but Tonia always makes sure that she gets a safe and fun walk.” – Paul & Lemon

“Guaranteed Peace of Mind!!

We were very pleased to have found Tonia of One Leg Up a little over a year ago. She walks our dog on a daily basis, is extremely reliable and wonderfully committed to her job. Tonia approaches all aspects of her tasks with a high degree of professionalism that is very much appreciated.

I would not hesitate in recommending Tonia to anyone who has a family pet in need of attention or a leg stretch at any time.” – Ann & Bentley

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