West Island Dog Walking – pack walks, private walks or pee breaks!

One of the greatest forms of an affection you can give your dog is a walk. It is a dog’s instinct to walk and explore by sniffing and socializing with other dogs. By providing dogs with daily exercise we help them stay happy and healthy. It is with lack of exercise and mental stimulation that a dog becomes bored and stressed. They demonstrate undesirable behaviours such as separation anxiety, excessive barking, excitability, and territorial/destructive behaviour. Walking should be the first step in solving any behaviour problem.

We offer a choice of 3 different walks:

Group walks: Have your dog mingle with fellow canines on a pack walk. Your dog will get the chance to socialize, exercise and be part of a pack experience. All dogs are evaluated before joining a group, so you can be assured of the safety of your furry friend.

The VIP Dog Walk:This option is ideal for unsocial dogs and/or dogs with health issues. We will walk and interact with your dog exclusively one-on-one. Whether the little one doesn’t play well with others or the big guy just prefers a buddy walking on two legs, we will provide your dog with the attention they need.

We also offer the Pee break option – if your dog simply needs a short break, we can stop by for 10 minutes so your dog doesn’t have to cross his legs all day!

You can rest assured that we will always clean up after your dog and will provide them with plenty of water during hot weather. We also ensure that every dog wears a safety harness when traveling in the car – this way there are no loose dogs that can be a distraction to the driver, nor will any dog be seriously injured in the case of an accident.


Provides an outlet for their energy
Physical and mental stimulation
Provides much needed social interaction with other dogs
Calm and submissive attitudes are a positive side effect of regular exercise
Fulfills your dog’s natural roaming and exploring instincts
Regular exercise can lengthen and will improve the quality of life for your dog

WE ARE INSURED & BONDED! Click here to find out why this is important

Pee Break
10 mins break so your dog doesn't have to cross his legs all day!
Great for seniors & puppies!
Treats & poop bags included!
*Prices do not include taxes.
+$3 on statutory holidays/evenings
Pack walk
Great social interaction with other dogs
All dogs are evaluated before joining a group
Treats & poops bags included!
*Prices do not include taxes.
Not available on holidays/evenings
Private walk
Ideal for unsocial dogs or dogs with health issues
One-on-one interaction with the walker
Treats & poop bags included!
*Prices do not include taxes.
+$5 on statutory holidays/evenings

We serve the following cities: Saint-Laurent, Montreal, NDG, Beaconsfield, Kirkland, Pierrefonds, Pointe-Claire, DDO, Dorval & Lachine